Aysha Wind Farm

The Aysha Wind Farm Project envisages the addition of 300MW clean wind energy to the Ethiopian electricity grid by making use of Ethiopia’s considerable wind power resources. The erection of the first turbines and initial power production is planned to start by the end of 2011. Completed construction of the first 60MW and full production of the wind farm is expected to be reached by November 2012.

Our technology choice is driven by infrastructure demands and stage of technology. The used turbine will therefore be a medium sized turbine around 1000 KW with a robust construction design and a proven track record.

The proposed site for the wind farm is located in the east of Ethiopia close to the borders of Djibouti and Somaliland. This location of wind farm offers the possibility of power export via the 230 KV transmission line that is connected to Djibouti. Further transmission line projects under planning to Yemen, Kenya and Sudan and make this location a very strategic one for long term demand in the East African region.

For Ethiopia wind constitutes an important alternative source of power generation to hydro power for several reasons. The estimated wind potential is about 10,000 MW. Furthermore, wind in Ethiopia is especially strong in the dry season, while hydropower potential is dropping to a low point towards the start of the annual rainy season. This fact makes wind power an even higher value contribution to the energy mix from a risk management point of view.